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  • too busy for breakfast

    Too Busy For Breakfast?

    Too busy for breakfast? If you’re too busy for breakfast then this post is totally for you! Hopefully it will give you the inspiration you need to get back on the wagon and embrace breakfast. I’m not a breakfast person at all, as I’ve mentioned several times in this blog. I’d much rather spend that …

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  • Introducing (17)

    Make Your Lunchbox More Exciting with Fragata Olives

    I do most of the cooking in our house of course. I’m usually stuffed full of inspiration when it comes to dinner/tea dishes… salmon, pork, cassaroles, lamb kebabs… I’ve got a little catalogue in my head when it comes to this. However, when you’re looking for lunchbox friendly ideas to take to work, I can …

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  • 20151014_195034-2

    Preserved Lemons and Saffron Quinoa

    Preserved Lemons and Saffron Quinoa I’m relatively new to the Persian cuisine, but preserved lemons are a flavour I’ve taken to like a duck to, well, water! *quack!* They’re an acquired taste I’ll grant you, but they’re delicious and they add a really intense lemon flavour to any dish, which in my book, can never …

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  • simple pea and pepper salad

    Simple Pea and Pepper Salad

    Simple Pea and Pepper Salad Want to know why I love a good salad? Firstly, it’s cheap as chips to make and you can make it from all those scraps of things you’ve got in the fridge. Secondly, they’re obviously packed full of nutrients when done well and thirdly, you can pack them in a …

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