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  • IMG_3555

    Persian Courgetti

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  • Aromatic Lamb

    Aromatic Lamb

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  • Sticky Goat with Coconut Rice

    Sticky Goat with Coconut Rice

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  • poached peaches

    Poached Peaches Persian Style

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  • Persian Inspired Chia Pudding

    Persian Inspired Chia Pudding

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  • Persian Fraganced Salmon

    Persian Fragranced Salmon

       Persian Fragranced Salmon One of my favourite cookery books I own is Persiana by Sabrina Ghayour. Her simple, fragranced, Persian inspired book full of contemporary recipes make it my ‘go to’ book whenever I’m stuck for flavour combinations or just pictures to inspire some creativity. I’ve picked up a lot of tricks and tips …

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  • persian rice pudding

    Persian Rice Pudding

    Persian Rice Pudding Persian Rice Pudding – ONLY FOR A TREAT! Definitely not zero sugar however, as rice pudding is so filling, only a small bowl full is needed so as long as portions are adhered to conservatively, you’ll be fine with this as a treat! Besides, the herbs, spices and nuts provide some excellent …

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  • pearl barley, mint and pomegranate salad

    Pearl Barley, Mint and Pomegranate Salad

    Pearl Barley, Mint and Pomegranate Salad I made this salad to accompany some fried salted squid I’d made and it was so good, I had to upload it to here. It was perfect with a dollop of greek yoghurt on its own for lunch the next day too. It’s one of those salads you can …

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  • iranian lentils, peppers and egg

    Iranian Lentils, Peppers and Egg

    Iranian Lentils, Peppers and Egg I came up with this recipe after being inspired by the Persiana Book I have. In the book, eggs are used very often to finish a dish and add a little extra protein, rather than always eating meat. It’s really simple to make, super tasty and very healthy, so I …

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