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    Afternoon Tea at Horsley Lodge, Derbyshire

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    Bluebell Woods in Derbyshire and Hardwick Hall

    Hardwick Hall and Bluebell Woods in Derbyshire Mid-April is usually around the time when the bluebells spring up like beautifully-laid woodland carpets, washing the forest floor with lilac and indigo shades under the dark green canopy. Living so close to Hardwick Hall (about 2 miles away) means I’m spoilt by beautiful countryside and rolling hills. …

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  • sup yoga, nottingham

    SUP Yoga, Nottingham

    SUP Yoga, Nottingham A few weeks ago I tried my very first SUP yoga session with the lovely Cassie Paxton of SUP Yoga, Nottingham. Now, I’ve never been to either a stand up paddleboard session in the UK, let alone a yoga stand up paddleboard session, but being something id wanted to try for a while, …

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