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  • Malaysian One Pot Chicken

    Malaysian One Pot Chicken

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  • Crispy Chicken Skins

    Crispy Chicken Skins

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  • how to make a simple dip

    How To Make a Simple Dip

    This is definitely one to add to your bookmarks for when you want to just add something different to a dish you make quite often. It can completely transform a dull, flavourless dish into a go to favourite. Trust me! How to Make a Simple Dip This is so so easy, there’s no excuse to …

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  • 20160110_214131-2

    Leftover’s Chinese Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup

    One of those ‘takeaway cheat’ meals packed full of nutrition with no added sugar at all… it tastes much better than the salty Chinese equivalent, promise! Leftover’s Chinese Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup If you’ve had a Sunday roast and you’re just going to throw away that chicken carcuss, STOP RIGHT NOW! Step away from the …

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  • mexican chicken stew

    Mexican Chicken Stew

    Mexican Chicken Stew My slow cooker is a life saver… if I can’t cook it in a slow cooker, at the moment, I’m just not interested! I don’t get back from work much before 7pm every day so by the time I get back I really can’t be bothered to cook a full blown meal. …

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  • WP_20150911_19_44_45_Pro-2

    Spicy Chicken Curry

    Spicy Chicken Curry Spicy Chicken Curry is a rich, creamy chicken curry with, you guessed it, no sugar or added sugar! Using coconut milk instead of cream or yoghurt, means you cut out the lactose (sugar) in the curry, making it super healthy and nutrients filled! As autumn slowly creeps up on us, it’s the …

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