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Formerly Zero Sugar Diet Blog

The Recipe Bible was originally founded as Zero Sugar Diet (ZeroSugarDiet.com) in 2014. Founded after re-learning how to cook from scratch with new ingredients, Zero Sugar Diet was set up to document the low sugar recipes she cooked and adapted. Although I Rebecca gave up refined sugar and most other sugars, I felt the name Zero Sugar Diet could be misinterpreted and instead of delving into the details of all different types of sugar and getting all scientific with the recipes, ZSD was rebranded to reflect what the website was all about… and so The Recipe Bible was born.

You will find, because of that, that most of the recipes on here are low sugar recipes (sucrose, fructose, lactose, etc) and are naturally high in nutrients. I hope you enjoy the low sugar recipes and look forward to trying some of them yourself!

Want to know more about why I quit sugar and started the Zero Sugar Diet blog? Just click here.

Want to get in touch? You can find me on twitter, facebook and Instagram, or drop me an email to zerosugardiet@gmail.com


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