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  • how to make hot chocolate

    How to Make Hot Chocolate

    Just a little something for before bed! And as always, the only way is organic!   How to make Hot Chocolate In the bottom of a mug, add 2 tsp of organic cocoa, 1 tsp of organic coconut oil and 1 tsp rice malt syrup. Mix them all together in the bottom of the mug …

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  • 20160114_190757-2

    Minced Turkey Wraps

    Minced turkey wraps with quinoa is a high-protein meal which doesn’t take long to cook – 20 minutes max. It’s a great meal for people wanting to up their protein intake or looking for low-carb alternative meals.   High Protein Minced Turkey Wraps Ingredients 300g minced turkey 2 tsp olive oil tin kidney beans 1 …

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  • mexican chicken stew

    Mexican Chicken Stew

    Mexican Chicken Stew My slow cooker is a life saver… if I can’t cook it in a slow cooker, at the moment, I’m just not interested! I don’t get back from work much before 7pm every day so by the time I get back I really can’t be bothered to cook a full blown meal. …

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  • stew 4

    Mulled Wine Chicken Stew

    Mulled Wine Chicken Stew Mulled wine chicken stew is THE BEST slow cooker recipe you’ll find this winter… trust me! It’s zesty, strong, spicy and packs a real punch. Serve with sourdough bread or gluten free dumplings depending on how much time you’ve got to cook. I can’t tell you how good this stew was …

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  • 20151014_195034-2

    Preserved Lemons and Saffron Quinoa

    Preserved Lemons and Saffron Quinoa I’m relatively new to the Persian cuisine, but preserved lemons are a flavour I’ve taken to like a duck to, well, water! *quack!* They’re an acquired taste I’ll grant you, but they’re delicious and they add a really intense lemon flavour to any dish, which in my book, can never …

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  • WP_20150911_19_44_45_Pro-2

    Spicy Chicken Curry

    Spicy Chicken Curry Spicy Chicken Curry is a rich, creamy chicken curry with, you guessed it, no sugar or added sugar! Using coconut milk instead of cream or yoghurt, means you cut out the lactose (sugar) in the curry, making it super healthy and nutrients filled! As autumn slowly creeps up on us, it’s the …

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  • Sea Bream with Pesto and Garlic Butter

    Sea Bream With Pesto and Garlic Butter

    Sea Bream with Pesto and Garlic Butter Fresh fish is one of the most nutrient fueled foods. All types of fish have different nutritional values with oily fish being top of the tree for nutritional value, but all fish is great for you! I filleted my fish because I’m not a massive fan of the …

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  • kippers and asparagus

    Kippers and Asparagus

    Kippers and Asparagus Another quick, easy and tasty meal for you – ideal for a little show-stopping dinner party main or starter too! I bought the really easy ‘boil in the bag’ kippers from Tescos (cost me £1!!), but you can easily poach them using the similar technique.

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  • broccoli and brie soup

    Broccoli and Brie Soup

    Broccoli and Brie Soup Broccoli and Brie soup is the perfect winter warmer soup. It also works well as a gazpacho though too! It’s thick, rich and creamy. Add a sprinkle of rosemary and olive oil for that extra nutritional punch!   Broccoli and Brie Soup Ingredients – 1 broccoli – Handful spinach – 1/2 …

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