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    Minced Turkey Wraps

    Minced turkey wraps with quinoa is a high-protein meal which doesn’t take long to cook – 20 minutes max. It’s a great meal for people wanting to up their protein intake or looking for low-carb alternative meals.   High Protein Minced Turkey Wraps Ingredients 300g minced turkey 2 tsp olive oil tin kidney beans 1 …

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    Preserved Lemons and Saffron Quinoa

    Preserved Lemons and Saffron Quinoa I’m relatively new to the Persian cuisine, but preserved lemons are a flavour I’ve taken to like a duck to, well, water! *quack!* They’re an acquired taste I’ll grant you, but they’re delicious and they add a really intense lemon flavour to any dish, which in my book, can never …

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