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  • how to make hot chocolate

    How to Make Hot Chocolate

    Just a little something for before bed! And as always, the only way is organic!   How to make Hot Chocolate In the bottom of a mug, add 2 tsp of organic cocoa, 1 tsp of organic coconut oil and 1 tsp rice malt syrup. Mix them all together in the bottom of the mug …

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  • parmesan beef stew

    Parmesan Beef Stew: Video

    Parmesan Beef Stew Welcome to my first ever video blog… eek! I really hope you enjoy the layout and ease-of-use. Make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel so you don’t miss an update. I’d like to do a video post at least every couple of weeks to keep it exciting, so please comment or …

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  • How to roast a chicken

    How To Roast A Chicken

    How to Roast a Chicken I realised recently somewhat of a hole in our school system… we don’t get taught the simple things anymore! Hands up who had cooking lessons in school and learnt how to make scones, shortbread and some sort of horrendous pasta bake!? Yep… thought so! So I thought I’d lend a …

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