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  • roast parsnip soup

    Roast Parsnip Soup

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  • oriental salmon

    Oriental Salmon

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  • hazelnut truffles

    Familiar Hazelnut Truffles

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  • fakeaway fish and chips

    Fakeaway Fish and Chips

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  • how to make your own squash

    Homemade Raspberry Squash

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  • low sugar raspberry yoghurt

    Low Sugar Raspberry Yogurt

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  • homemade hollandaise sauce

    Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

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  • how to make a simple dip

    How To Make a Simple Dip

    This is definitely one to add to your bookmarks for when you want to just add something different to a dish you make quite often. It can completely transform a dull, flavourless dish into a go to favourite. Trust me! How to Make a Simple Dip This is so so easy, there’s no excuse to …

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  • parmesan beef stew

    Parmesan Beef Stew: Video

    Parmesan Beef Stew Welcome to my first ever video blog… eek! I really hope you enjoy the layout and ease-of-use. Make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel so you don’t miss an update. I’d like to do a video post at least every couple of weeks to keep it exciting, so please comment or …

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  • banana and oat workout cookies

    Banana and Oat Workout Cookies

    Banana and Oat Workout Cookies Banana and Oat Workout Cookies… This is a little recipe I invented after I’d started to get a few requests about workout and fitness foods. I designed this recipe using normal, everyday items I had in my cupboard to show how easy it is! They’re low sugar, high energy cookies, …

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  • goji berry porridge

    Goji Berry Porridge

    Goji Berry Porridge I’ll hold my hands up high and admit, I’m not a breakfast person at all. I like my sleep too much and will often skip breakfast, so I tend to keep a stash of nuts and seeds in my desk draws to keep me going until lunch time. I know I know, …

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  • Introducing (35)

    Create Your Own Salad Dressings

    Create Your Own Salad Dressings Ever wondered how to create your own salad dressings? This is a fantastic infographic to help you do just that! Make sure you save all these recipes so that next time your stuck with a boring salad, you can spice it up a little and get creative! There’s salad dressings …

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  • medicinal lemon and ginger tea

    Medicinal Lemon and Ginger Tea

    Medicinal Lemon and Ginger Tea Waking up in the morning; instead of being greeted by glaring sunshine and summer warmth, we’re being greeted by foggy, frosty morning dew and usually… rain! It’s the time of year where you arrive at the office on a Monday morning and every man and his dog has a cold, …

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  • Healing Rose Petal Tea

    Healing Rose Petal Tea

    Healing Rose Petal Tea I’ve mentioned before that I love my herb garden. I use it for cooking of course, but also for creating some holistic herbal teas! In this little treat was a black tea bag, fresh lavendar, dried rose petals and Lemon. Herbal teas are ridiculously good for you and all you need …

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  • persian rice pudding

    Persian Rice Pudding

    Persian Rice Pudding Persian Rice Pudding – ONLY FOR A TREAT! Definitely not zero sugar however, as rice pudding is so filling, only a small bowl full is needed so as long as portions are adhered to conservatively, you’ll be fine with this as a treat! Besides, the herbs, spices and nuts provide some excellent …

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