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  • best avocado spread recipe

    The Best Avocado Spread Recipe

    Best Avocado Spread Recipe I’ll hold my hands up high and be the first to admit when avocado on toast first entered my social circles, I turned my nose up in disgust. Afterall, most things we place on our toast tend to be sweet and sickly, so who was this foreign body taking over our …

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  • how i survive the office cold

    How I Survive The Office Cold

    How I survive the office cold? Pack my desk draws FULL of goodness!

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  • How To Keep Healthy On Work Trips

    How To Keep Healthy On Work Trips

    How To Keep Healthy On Work Trips This week I’m away with work for 7 days at the Canoe Slalom World Championships in London. We’ve got food provided all week of course, but it’s just a catering tent so the choices are limited and not exactly healthy. So, how do I stay healthy? I pack …

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